@skullpuppy11 is the man and we loved this Tweet had to attempt, we say attempt to make it sweet. Re-Sweet #wesingyourtweets

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[[posterous-content:pid___0]]<a href=”!ConorTripler">@ConorTripler</a> …someone mentioned you in a Sweet! Re-Sweet #wesingyourtweets



 @GroseraGirl is rad and we loved this Tweet from her so we had to Sweet it. Re-Sweet #wesingyourtweets

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We love @Elephart and this Tweet rocked so we had to Sweet it. Re-Sweet #wesingyourtweets

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This Tweert from @Skaterz697 was fucking fantastic and we love it. I mean, who thinks of these beautiful word and skates at the same time, we skate and we can’t think of anything :) Re-Sweet #wesingyourtweets

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We loved this Tweet from @nabinazia so we had to Sweet it. Re-Sweet #wesingyourtweets

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This Tweet from @SemiEmily solves the riddle of the Spanx, and we sing about it. Re-Sweet #wesingyourtweets

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This Tweet from @blainecapatch was awesome, honey boo boo blah blah blah bleh blarg boobidy doo Re-Sweet #wesingyourtweets

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This Tweet from @OmgComedy was, well Comedy. Re-Sweet #wesingyourtweets

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Well, it’s been 2 years now since we decided to do what was originally just a joke, and now has blossomed into a labor of love affectionatily knows as We Sing Your Tweets. We’ve met some awesome people, made some great friends, had some kick ass jams, done some interesting stuff and of course sang some Sweet Tweets. We wanted to say thank you for all the love, the kind words, the praise, the #FF’s the RT’s the RS’s and the follows. Thank you for believing in us and for loving what we do and for sticking with us these last few years and telling your freinds about us. Thanks for the guest sweets, the parties, the articles, the write ups, the interviews and all the cool stuff that would of never happend to us if we did not embark on this journey. We have lots of fun stuff coming up down the road: electric sweets will finally see the light of day, A few new classic Sweets, a brand new website, finally coming soon, t-shirts and also a brand new logo! Jeremy and I are pretty busy, work during the day and have many side projects, this being one of them. We makepies we do blogs about celebritiespoundingit , we design Digital things and we also play in bands so when we can we will do all this, but the first thing on our minds is you guys and making your lives and your Tweets… Sweet. We love you all and thank you from us for everyday you are with us. Sweet on!


Kevyn & Jeremy